Hunting Boats

A hunting boat with a hunting blind on the deck

What’s in a hunting boat?

Well, this really depends on the desired needs at play. For instance, a bowfishing boat may be outfitted with front lights for night fishing and a lean rail around the bow for the bowfisherman, while a duck boat needs to be able to get into shallow water areas, camo itself well, and hold lots of gear.

An all around hunting boat may be up the aley of many outdoorsmen. In other words, something that can crossover into all of these worlds. This should include:

  • Stability
  • Transportability
  • Storage
  • Stealth
  • Camoflage
  • Shallow Draft
  • Customizability

Stability is a great asset as a hunter may need to be standing up (again, such as bowfishing). Transportability is required for ease of ravel into areas where a boat ramp may not be available. Boat storage will need to be able to hold blind materials, decoys, ammo, food, drinks, and of course the animals! Stealth is required for spot and stalk, or silent entry into an active area. Camouflage can make or break an on the water hunting trip. Shallow draft is required for slipping into the muckiest or shallowest of backwater hunting spots, or even coastal marsh grasses. Customizability is for making the boat your own for your own purposes, even if those purposes are any.

So, What’s a Good Hunting Boat?

Based on the above requirements, you may want to consider a one or two man plastic boat. A plastic boat will offer you easy transport – these are generally lighter. Plastic boats (such as round boats) can be ultra stable. You will have to shop around for the right one, but many hunting boats exists with a multitude of storage options. Most of these plastic boats geared for hunting come in subdues earth tones or are already camouflaged. Some even allow for aftermarket hunting blinds right on the deck! Plastic boats tend to draft shallower. They are also extremely quiet when compared to their clunky aluminum counterparts. Customization is a breeze with easy to drill plastic – and you can utilize a plethora of kayak accessories to make your hunting boat perfectly suited for your own needs.

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Everglades Fishing

When you think of the Everglades in Florida many thoughts may come to mind – vast gator filed swamps, oceans of grass, one of the most epic places for birding, the only place like it in the world, adventure, and so on. But for locals and those visitors that have chosen to do so, the Everglades is a true mecca for fishing enthusiasts. This place has called out to fishing legends such as Flip Pallot and Herman Luscerne. I was born and raised in Miami, and have had the pleasure of being able to visit this place almost every weekend for 20 years, I have since moved on – and in leaving the access to the Everglades, this is a decision that affects me the most to this day. Continue reading

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Virginia Beach Fishing

The waters off of Virginia Beach are a true highway for many popular saltwater game fish. Virginia Beach is located at one of the closest points to the continental shelf as well as the Gulf Stream in relation to the rest of the east coast of the United States. What this does is bring all of those blue water sportfish right into the zone for Virginia Beach anglers to target on a fairly short boat ride- and all year round.  Continue reading

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Fishing, Scalloping & Manatees

Florida, this place is just awesome. For the adventurous, the oceans, waterways and coastal areas are our playground. Whether by kayak or boat or even wading, there is a world of cool to be found here.  Continue reading

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Florida Peacock Bass

Peacock Bass fishing in Florida is a phenomenon that I have personally witnessed from the beginning. As a kid we chased around these “water trucks” that were pumping Peacock Bass fry into the Miami-Dade canal system. We didn’t realize it so much then, but within a year – Peacock Bass become a priority for us.  Continue reading

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That Fishing Though

I love to fish. Addicted? Yup. All that. And – I’m cool with every bit of that. I don’t think about much else. What’s the tide, what’s the wind, how’s my line, did I bring the drain plug, ice, etc – that’s it. That’s life. Continue reading

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Some Ideas for Guided Trips

When looking for something new to do, sometimes finding a pro with all of the gear and expertise can be the way to go. To think outside of the box, and to also not break the bank – we have come up with three ideas to get you and your friends and family outdoors this summer.  Continue reading

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