7 Places You Can Find Detailed Fishing Reports for Florida’s East Coast

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Regardless of your level of fishing experience, current reports of what’s biting and what’s not are invaluable. These reports featured in various places both on air and in print help you get an idea of what’s currently in season plus what the fish are currently biting on.

Even the most novice angler should understand that fish are not static – not everything will be biting at the same spot every day of the year. What’s hot today may be dead tomorrow.

If you’re setting out for a fishing trip along the east coast of Florida, detailed reports from local experts can help you plan your trip and increase the odds you will come home with a nice catch.

The problem is that many anglers simply don’t know where to turn. In our current day and age, there is a seemingly endless array of options for getting news, entertainment, and yes, fishing reports.

If you’re visiting the area or simply trying to determine when you should go and what to target, the following 7 places are where you can go to find detailed fishing reports for Florida’s east coast.

  1. Fishing captain websites – With the proliferation of the Internet over the last couple of decades, many charter boat captains will feature detailed reports on their websites. These are often the best since they provide an unvarnished, first-hand view of what’s going on out on the open water. See an example here.
  1. Sportfishing magazines – If you’re around Florida’s east coast for more than 5 minutes, you’ll soon learn that fishing is an integral part of the region’s identity and economy. This becomes evident when you find all of the specialized magazines covering saltwater fishing in Florida. Examples of publications you can check for a good fishing report include Florida Sportsman, Florida Sport Fishing and others.
  1. Newspaper – Local newspapers also provide detailed fishing reports, usually in the sports section. These quick stories are written by local charter boat captains and explain what they’ve been running into and what bait they’ve been using to reel in Redfish, Tarpon, Speckled Trout and more. Examples of newspapers covering Florida’s east coast include the Orlando Sentinel, Florida Today and more.
  1. Local Newscasts – Again, since saltwater fishing is such an integral part life in Florida, many local newscasts will feature a report, usually from a charter boat captain with many years’ of experience fishing the waters around the east coast of Florida. These quick reports are usually a part of a nightly newscast. Local TV stations covering the Space Coast include WESH-Channel 2 out of Orlando and more.
  1. Specialty TV/radio shows – Cable networks like Sun Sports and local TV/radio stations will often feature more detailed fishing reports, along with tips and tricks for spotting fish and landing them in your boat. Many of these shows are a ½-hour long and will feature interviews with experienced anglers and charter boat captains. Examples of fishing TV shows include Florida Sportfishing on the Sun Sports network (cable) or more localized programs broadcast from Orlando, Daytona Beach or West Palm Beach.
  1. Fishing forums – While it can be a little cumbersome to navigate online forums, they provide a wealth of information about fishing in Florida. What’s good about these types of websites is that they provide very detailed reports, usually from fellow anglers. Popular fishing forums include one developed by Florida Sportsman and flafishingforum.com.
  1. Youtube channels – The growth of the Internet has provided an additional venue for just about any subject under the sun, especially on the world’s favorite video service, YouTube. Like shows featured on TV, the YouTube channel(s) are often hosted by charter captains and provide actionable tips for the particular time of the year you’re fishing. Unlike shows on TV though, you can look up a YouTube channel any time day or night from just about anywhere, especially if you have a smartphone. Examples of popular YouTube channels discussing saltwater fishing in the Sunshine State include the Florida Insider Fishing Report, Addictive Fishing and more.

In our day and age, finding reliable fishing reports for your area is, in one way, easier. However, with all of the options out there, it can be difficult to find a report that provides truly valuable information and is easy to access. Also, there are many different ways you can consume this information, be it through a written article, a TV interview, a radio report or an online video you watch during your lunch break at work.

For detailed fishing reports for Florida’s coast just east of Orlando, we strongly recommend reports from Captain Mark Wright, a highly experienced guide and respected charter captain in the Indian River Lagoon.


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