Some Ideas for Guided Trips

When looking for something new to do, sometimes finding a pro with all of the gear and expertise can be the way to go. To think outside of the box, and to also not break the bank – we have come up with three ideas to get you and your friends and family outdoors this summer. 

Number 1: Give Fly Fishing A Try


Fly fishing has long been steeped in tradition and a level of expertise by those who choose to fish this way. But it is also a highly popular way to fish that is still gaining momentum. In this, there are now fly fishing guides and even local fly fishing clinics popping up nearly everywhere. We think that fly fishing, even if tried just once, is a cool bucket list item. If you shop around, some fly fishing guides (like this one) offer affordable entry level fly fishing trips where they will both teach you the how’s and also get you hooked up. After that you can say “Oh yeah, I fly fished – landed this trout (pull out phone pic)” – Epic.

Number 2: Explore by Kayak


Exploring by kayak or paddleboard is doable for nearly everyone. You can get to places that you can’t by foot or boat, it’s relaxing, slow paced, and extremely affordable. In this you have a few options. You can hire a local kayak guide for extremely low rates. You can usually find a company like this near any body of water. Another option is to rent your own paddlecraft and explore for yourself. This is again highly affordable, but I will say sometimes a guide can be handy in showing you things you may have missed otherwise. Larger outfitters, like Calypso Kayaking, do all of that and then some – check them out.

Number 3: Let’s Fish Again, But Go Big


Ok, we have an affinity for fishing, but we think it’s one of the last connections to our ancestral pasts that is both readily available and still highly popular. If maybe fly fishing didn’t appeal to you, and paddling around just isn’t your thing – but you like adventure, water, and excitement – a local light tackle fishing guide may be your best bet. Some one like Jim Ross of Fineline Fishing Charters would be right up your alley. He is a personable Captain, guides a really cool area to explore, the fishing is insane, and is right next to Orlando. Disney & Fish? Yes please!

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