That Fishing Though

I love to fish. Addicted? Yup. All that. And – I’m cool with every bit of that. I don’t think about much else. What’s the tide, what’s the wind, how’s my line, did I bring the drain plug, ice, etc – that’s it. That’s life.

Offshore fishing is cool, not my thing. I’ll be honest- I ain’t no Marine, I was in the Army. Why? Same reason I don’t offshore fish, I get sea sick. Yup, that’s it. So, stick me in the backcountry, marsh lands, and the shallow flats – I love that stuff. But, I do dig offshore fisherman and what they do. I mean just look at this guy with Charter Boat Fishing:


I mean, that’s a happy dude – I get it. I love me some grouper and mahi too. I’m just not going after it myself. I just hide in the shallow flats as a technical sight fishing snob – yup, I got my Patagonia. But seriously, I love flats fishing. I have always been a hiker and a hunter in Florida, the flats are an extension of that. So, it becomes part of the one ideal I have for myself. I love the community too.. and my damn Patagonia.

Fishing in every aspect is derived from passion, you are drawn to certain styles at times, while others explore the world looking for new fishing adventures. Check out the fishing charter section of Adventure Bookie and see how many guys have dedicated their lives to fishing. And that’s just on 1 site!

But, even though I call myself a Florida flats dude, I do have some bucket list items I want to venture in to. Fly fishing for trout in a stream, flood flat fishing in NC, and even striper fishing is on my list (like this one from Wilmington.Fish):


Anyway – I have a disease and don’t want the cure. I love fishing, and I have respect for all the different types of fishing that other people dedicate too. That’s all –

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