Fishing, Scalloping & Manatees

Florida, this place is just awesome. For the adventurous, the oceans, waterways and coastal areas are our playground. Whether by kayak or boat or even wading, there is a world of cool to be found here. 

Underwater lunchtime

The Fishing

Heck, Florida is the Fishing Capital of the World. Everything from backwater bass to gulf stream billfish can be had here. Platforms ranging from beach chairs, to kayaks, to skiffs, to offshore fishing machines can be seen in nearly every city and neighborhood. I think if you want to try something different (if you haven’t already) everyone should give kayak fishing a go. Whether a lake, a flat, or even offshore – there is a kayak platform available to fit your needs.


Did you know scalloping is a big thing here? This is especially true along the nature coast of Florida. Cities such as Homosassa have a very busy scalloping season. Family and friends are able to put on simple snorkel gear and spend a few hours scooping up their fill of fresh bay scallops. This is usually ended with a few cold ones on the boat before heading back. This is one of those things on my personal to do list.


Much like the alligator, spotting a manatee in Florida is a pretty usual occurrence. Specialized manatee tours are available, but if you’re on the water near pretty much any coastal area of Florida – you are sure to run into one. However, back to the tour idea, I actually like this approach. Most of these tour providers are also fishing & scalloping guides. So, in this exact occurrence (and if in the right area of the state), you can set up an epic day of scalloping, fishing, and sight seeing a few sea cows all in one outing. Grab your camera and a few beers, this is pretty much all you’ll need.

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