Virginia Beach Fishing

The waters off of Virginia Beach are a true highway for many popular saltwater game fish. Virginia Beach is located at one of the closest points to the continental shelf as well as the Gulf Stream in relation to the rest of the east coast of the United States. What this does is bring all of those blue water sportfish right into the zone for Virginia Beach anglers to target on a fairly short boat ride- and all year round. 

What Can You Expect to Catch off of Virginia Beach?

This answer is not so simple, but just imagine every species of saltwater sport fish you have ever dreamt about – it’s like that. For starters, how about wahoo, dolphin (mahi), stripers, kingfish, and tuna. But lets push that out to the Gulf Stream a tad further, you have sailfish, white marlin, and yes – blue marlin too. Then add a plethora of other species, such as flounder, spanish mackerel, king mack’s, bluefish and various shark species. I mean, it’s all right here!

And heck, if you’re winter/spring fishing (December-May) and near Chesapeake Bay – you can even go whale watching for species such as the humpback whale. Don’t try to hook up with one though – please 😉

So, Go Fish Virginia Beach!

Easier said than done, I know. Thankfully Virginia Beach is home to some of the best fishing charter services, Captains, and crews on the planet. This is how I would suggest to do it if you haven’t already.


Take a look at this Virgina Beach Fishing Charters company for a fine example of what caliber of service you can expect on your next trip. Capt.. Josh Wentling and the crew of the Instigator are second to none when it comes to nearshore and offshore fishing in Virginia Beach. These guys have the experience and equipment to get you on an unforgettable fishing trip for you and the boys, the fam, or even for a cooperate outing.

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