Fishing: Inshore vs Nearshore

When it comes to shallow water fishing there are three subset zones that are actually completely different from each other. You have flats, back country, and “nearshore”. Though you can target some of the same fish in each zone, each zone also brings its own unique species and tactics. Continue reading

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Fishing in Ketchikan, Alaska

When you think fishing in Alaska, what comes to mind? Most people would probably think world class salmon fishing with people standing elbow to elbow in hopes of hooking an unsuspecting sockeye salmon or perhaps dropping a line several hundred feet to the ocean bottom for a chance at hooking up with a barn door sized halibut. Regardless of what image you conjure up in your mind when you think of Alaskan fishing, one thing is for sure, Alaska is known for its fishing. Continue reading

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What Makes Boca Grande the “Tarpon Capital of the World”

Boca Grande fishing - Tarpon school

Image courtesy of Albert kok via Wikimedia

Fishing charters in Boca Grande explain why high numbers of tarpon descend on the area each spring and summer

The Tarpon, or “Silver King,” is found throughout sub-tropical and tropical waters on both sides of the Atlantic basin. These feisty fish may not provide a meal, but they make up for it in vitality.

While you’ll find Tarpon in warmer waters from Florida through the Caribbean and over to West Africa, Boca Grande Pass, located 100 miles south of Tampa, has long been considered the “Tarpon Capital of the World.”

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Mahi Mahi – An Overview of this King of the Open Ocean

Mahi Mahi Naples fishing boat

Cocoa Beach offshore fishing charters discuss the Mahi Mahi, a prized gamefish for anglers throughout Florida

Also known as the Common Dolphin-fish, the Mahi Mahi (Coryphaena hippurus) is an offshore fish known for its vigorous fight, incredible acrobatics and delicious taste. It is also one of the most popular gamefish for general anglers and offshore fishing charters around Cocoa Beach and throughout Florida.

The Mahi Mahi itself has an interesting and unique appearance. Unlike the vast majority of other fish species, the Mahi Mahi’s dorsal fin extends almost all the way down their back. Also, their heads look differently than most other fish.

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When Is It Too Rough for Cocoa Beach Offshore Fishing Charters to Go Out?

Cocoa Beach - storm clouds

Nothing can ruin a fishing trip more than rough seas, especially for novice anglers who don’t have good sea legs. While you can take precautions to prevent and treat motion sickness caused by the inevitable rocking and rolling of the open seas, waves that are choppy and too large can make riding on an offshore boat very uncomfortable.

Of course, the waves or swells can get large enough that it flips the boat. This following scene from the hit movie The Perfect Storm is NOT how you want to end up on your Cocoa Beach offshore fishing expedition.

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3 Most Common Reels You Will Encounter on Homosassa Inshore Fishing Charters

If you ever walk through a large outdoor store like Bass Pro Shops, you’ll be awe-struck by all of the fishing reels you will come across. These reels are made for a variety of circumstances – freshwater or saltwater, small fish or large fish, and on and on.

Reels are also available at a variety of price points. While more expensive doesn’t always mean better, the old saying “you get what you pay for” is just as true when it comes to fishing reels as it is for an array of other items. What may seem like a deal today may turn out to be a nightmare when you’re out fishing.

Novice anglers and patrons aboard charters have a very limited understanding of the different types of reels commonly used for inshore fishing.

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8 Common Rigs Used on Redfish Fishing Charters in Louisiana

Carolina Fishing Adventures - RedfishRed Drum or “Reds” are considered by many to be one of the most popular inshore gamefish from Texas and Louisiana all the way around Florida and up the mid-Atlantic. If you browse fishing forums or read reports, Redfish fishing will undoubtedly be a topic of conversation.

If you ever take a redfish fishing charter(s) in Louisiana, you’ll soon learn why. Not only is it fun to catch Reds, they also make for an excellent meal. While there are bag limits, a good charter will be able to take you to prime fishing spots where redfish are feeding.

Since the redfish has such a wide range, so too are rigs and methods for catching them.

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